Show Uploaded Images in Form Results

Formsite forms allow visitors to attach files when submitting the form by using the File Upload item. The system saves each attached file and displays the link in the Results Table. If there are any Notifications set up, any uploaded files are optionally attached to the email, too. A new feature will now show uploaded images in the result data for Table formats in some places.

Formsite show uploaded images example email

The Table format appears as a results format with:

Show Uploaded Images

This new feature inserts the actual images into the results Table format where possible. All attached files continue to display as a link to the file in the results, and the system will show uploaded images, also.

The system detects image files from the uploaded files’ names and displays the images in the result data. The Table format displays as the default format for Notifications and when viewing individual results. The formats available for Notifications are Table, Populated Form link, and PDF. Since the Table format sends in HTML, that also shows uploaded images in the result data.

This update also displays images in the individual result view, found in the Results Table and the Results Reports.

Formsite show uploaded images example result


Formsite show uploaded images require login
  • This feature displays all detected images in Notification emails and viewing individual results. If there is a need to disable the feature:
    1. Use the PDF format
    2. Enable ‘require login to access files’ on the form’s Form Settings -> General -> Security page
    3. Create a Results View that does not include the File Upload item
  • The Table format for the Results PDF does not include the inline images at this time. Contact customer support to cast your vote to see image files in Results PDFs.
  • The system can show uploaded images for the common file types:
    • JPG (or JPEG)
    • GIF
    • PNG
    • BMP
  • There are many other file and image types that are not easily displayed using a browser. Support for those types does not currently exist, though we welcome all requests for future enhancements.
  • Files deleted from the results display as ‘broken’ images in the Table results. Since the actual image files no longer exist, they cannot display in the email or result.

Feel free to contact our customer support with any questions or suggestions for improvements.

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