Start a New Business Online with Formsite Forms

Formsite start a new business

Use Formsite’s online form builder to start a new business online. Creating a new brand and selling products and services online is a snap when you use the right tools.

Formsite lets new business owners create fast online forms essential for doing business. Examples include:

How to Use Forms to Start a New Business Online

Formsite start a new business example

The easiest way to sell products or services online is using an online order form. Use pricing items and quantity items, then collect any other information, then enable a payment integration. That’s all that’s necessary to collect orders and begin operations.

Selling services can be as easy as describing the services, setting the rates, then sending or posting the link. Describe the services and post where customers can see them, or email them directly.

Expand the business by adding a contact form to collect names, email addresses, and project requests and orders. Add testimonials and past project descriptions to sell the company’s products and services. Use these forms as landing pages and add links to social media posts, paid ads, etc.

Features That Add Value

  • File Storage: Add File Upload items to forms to collect uploaded documents and files, then access through the Formsite account.
  • Notifications: Receive emails after each form result to stay in touch with orders and customers.
  • Rules & logic: Add logic to forms and Notifications to show and hide form items and direct users through the form using previous answers.
  • Embedding: Use the provided embed code to display the forms on another site. Perfect for website builder services like Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace.
  • Integrations: Send form data to other services to increase productivity and automate processing.
  • Workflow: Design a system of connected forms to automate workflows. Use with approvals, follow-up processes, conditional forms, etc.


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