Summary Table Modernization

To make Formsite more helpful in viewing your collected results, we have completely revamped the Summary Table to make it more interactive. The Summary Table can now be used to organize and better see your data, instead of it being just a static page. One key usability feature is that the columns can be dynamically moved and resized- now you can organize your data independently of how your form is laid out. This way, for example, you can group all your order item results right next to each other, despite them being scattered throughout your form. Formsite will even remember how you laid out your columns, so when you return to the Summary Table, everything will be just as you left it.

Going along with this, columns can be easily shown or hidden, which again allows you to better view your collected results. Visually, the style of the page has been changed along with the new internal area look. We believe the new Summary Table page is less cluttered and makes it easier to search through your data. In addition, we added highlighting which makes it much easier to see which data entry you clicked on, as well as assisting with deleting entries.

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