Technology Migration Finished!

For the last year we’ve been working very hard to modernize the underlying technology used in Formsite. This release is the final step in migrating away from our proprietary framework that was designed in 1998 to an industry standard Java framework. As we have mentioned in the past, we expect these changes to yield significant gains in performance, reliability, maintainability, and flexibility. We also hope that new developer ramp-up time will be positively impacted as there will be less proprietary code to learn.

Pre-Populate Any Field

Since this work was mostly foundational and behind-the-scenes, you will not see too many visual differences but it will help us to continue to provide a rock-solid, fast, reliable service. With this project in the rear-view mirror, we are excited to move on to more new features and enhancements, as well as an overall design face lift for the site soon.

Billions of forms submitted