Zapier Integration Open to All Pro Customers

ZapierFormsite is proud to announce that our Zapier integration has been completed! They require that all new vendor partners go through an invite-only period to work out any issues, and Formsite has now been officially added to the Zapbook list of approved applications.

Visit their blog to read their Formsite announcement.

How to set up Zapier

The integration couldn’t be easier: Log in to your Formsite account, choose your form, and go to Form -> Integrations -> Zapier. The system will provide your authentication information that you enter into your account to complete the integration. Create your Zaps on and see your connected Zaps on your Formsite integration page.

To connect your account to Formsite, go to your account and go to the “Connected Accounts” page under the top right user menu. Select the “Connect new account” option and choose “Formsite”, then enter your authentication information. They will confirm if the information is correct.

Now you can make a new Zap using Formsite as the trigger and your desired app as the Action. For more information, visit our documentation page or contact Formsite support.

Billions of forms submitted