Feedback Forms for Students, Teachers, and Online Classes

Formsite feedback forms for online classes

Formsite online form templates provide examples for effective and easy feedback forms. As more educational programs have moved to online learning, online forms for education are in high demand.

Evaluation forms for classes have different questions than those targeting teachers and students. Typical feedback forms for classes include questions about:

  • Class content
  • Frequency of exams
  • Topic usefulness
  • Materials
  • Class size
  • Time and location

Considering online classes specifically, those questions could also include:

  • Platform navigation
  • Connection reliability
  • Clarity of requirements

Teacher Feedback Forms

Many classes rely on teacher feedback or evaluations to identify issues or areas for improvement. These forms share many similarities to online quizzes in that the answers’ scores indicate high and low marks. Using a traditional Likert scale to collect low to high ratings lets scores reflect teachers’ performance.

Formsite feedback forms Likert scale

Formsite’s evaluation forms contain example questions to help form owners get started, such as:

  • Starts and ends classes on time
  • Communicates clearly
  • Respectful to students
  • Assigned relevant coursework
  • Provided constructive feedback

Pro tip: Use conditional logic to display Long Answer comment boxes when the highest and lowest scores are selected. That helps to reduce poor reviews due to grudges and lazy high reviews.

Student Evaluation Forms

Student evaluation forms are useful to give students and parents feedback on student progress. Using report cards are good for overall grades, but may not show the full picture. Questions about student participation and attitude give a more complete snapshot of the student.

Some popular student feedback questions include:

  • Participates in class
  • Engages with other students
  • Completes tasks on time
  • Is a positive influence

Using online forms for feedback and evaluation give educators real data to report. Individual scores and averages can show growth over time and placement among peers. Enabling Formsite’s Google Sheets integration lets form owners pass data to a spreadsheet then automate reports. Online feedback forms make performance tracking and reporting easier than ever.


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