Results Labels for Custom Results & Reports

Formsite Results Labels example

Online forms use input fields to collect visitor answers. Each form item uses either a text box or multi-select method to collect the answers. The questions display in the items’ label on the form and column headers in the Results Table. Formsite’s Results Labels let you customize those questions and column headers for more useful results.

Form results appear in the form’s Results Table as rows representing each separate submission. Every input item in the form has its own column and the items’ label is the column header. Sometimes the item’s question has text that makes it harder to use in the Results Table, or even no text.

Customize Form Questions with Results Labels

Formsite Results Labels email

Results Labels lets form owners add different text for every form item to make them more useful. Every form can have multiple different label settings for different destination uses.

For example, forms send Notification emails after every new submission with the option to include the result data. If the form has an item with the question “What day do you want to meet?”, you can set a custom Results Label to make it more clear. “Meeting date” is much clearer than the question.

Use Custom Labels in Reports

The Results Reports area lets form owners create real-time tables showing form results. The Results Filters offer the ability to show only those results that meet certain conditions, and the custom labels can replace column headers.

Using the same example as above, using “Meeting date” offers a much more clear header than the question from the form. Another example is with File Upload items, which often have labels like “Attach your resume.” Setting a custom label of “Uploaded Resume” makes for a much clearer report.

Formsite Results Labels settings

How to Work With Results Labels

  1. Start by completing the form in the form builder.
  2. Go to the form’s Results -> Results Labels page and add the custom labels for the items you want to change. Not every item needs a custom label – just change the ones you need.
  3. Choose the custom setting wherever it’s offered to apply the new text to the results.
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