Send Files to Salesforce From Online Forms

Formsite send files to Salesforce sample

Formsite has made the Salesforce integration even more useful! Form owners can now choose to send files to Salesforce records using the built-in integration. Creating new records from online form results is simple with our Salesforce integration.

The Salesforce integration lets form owners create new records for any object type like accounts, cases, opportunities, contacts, leads, and others. Salesforce users can also edit the objects and create custom ones containing combinations of field types.

Regardless of the object, Formsite now lets form owners send uploaded files as attachments to Salesforce records. Read more to see how it works.

Salesforce Integration

Formsite’s Salesforce integration lets organizations make forms that create new object records. The integration has many features that help form owners quickly build their forms, for example the Salesforce Block item.

When the form owner enables the integration, the objects pass their field information to Formsite. Adding the Salesforce Block item in the form editor displays a list of items, then choosing the object adds the object’s fields. Besides adding the fields to the form, the integration also completes the links on the integrations page.

Whether linking to one of the built-in objects or a custom one, Formsite makes integrating with Salesforce easy and powerful.

Send Files to Salesforce

Formsite’s File Upload item lets form owners collect attached files with online forms. Using a File Upload item on a form with the Salesforce integration enabled presents a couple of choices.

Mapping the File Upload item to a text field passes the file’s link to the destination field in the new record. The file itself remains in the Formsite account and clicking the link accesses the file.

Formsite send files to Salesforce settings

To send the actual files as an attachment to the Salesforce record:

  1. Edit the form’s Form Settings -> Integrations -> Salesforce page
  2. Check the setting to ‘Include files…
  3. Select the name of the File Upload item whose files to pass
  4. Click Save


Formsite send files to Salesforce example
  • Every new form result creates the new object record in Salesforce as normal. Choosing the ‘Include files…’ setting sends the files as record attachments. Locating the files or attachments at Salesforce may be slightly different depending on the object type.
  • The file names for files sent to Salesforce keep their original file names. The file names in the Formsite account continue to have extra information prepended as normal.
  • The Salesforce integration allows for creating more than one record with each result. Using the same File Upload item in multiple objects sends a copy to each record. While the files are the same, they are distinct files and not connected to each other.


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