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Form Rules

We have renamed our Skip/Branch feature to be simply "Rules" and along with this we have redesigned the "Rules" interface making it much easier to see the logic you have added. Our new interface only shows the custom logic you have added. This makes it much easier to see how your form will behave.

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Tutorial – Embed a Poll with Instant Results

Update: Charts are not able to be embedded anymore, but you can either:

  1. Use the Printable Report to print the charts
  2. Take screen-shots of the charts and place them into your document

Formsite provides many powerful tools to both collect and display information. By simply combining these features, you can easily embed a poll with instant results into any website. In this tutorial, we will go step-by-step and show you exactly how to make this type of poll.

We will be using the following Formsite features:

  • Embedded Item Summary Charts
  • Success Pages
  • Embedded Forms
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Summary Table Modernization

To make Formsite more helpful in viewing your collected results, we have completely revamped the Summary Table to make it more interactive. The Summary Table can now be used to organize and better see your data, instead of it being just a static page. One key usability feature is that the columns can be dynamically moved and resized- now you can organize your data independently of how your form is laid out. This way, for example, you can group all your order item results right next to each other, despite them being scattered throughout your form. Formsite will even remember how you laid out your columns, so when you return to the Summary Table, everything will be just as you left it.

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PayPal Payments Pro Integration

Formsite forms can now integrate with PayPal Payments Pro service. Payments can now be collected via credit card without the user being transferred to PayPal's site. This integration makes for a very professional process flow and a very consistent presentation to your customer. A user will fill out your Formsite order form, be taken to an Order Review page to enter their credit card information, and then be transferred to the Success Page of your choice after payment is processed.

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Attachment Progress Bar

Our Attachment item that allows users to upload files (images, videos, documents, etc.) with their form submission is a popular feature. We have increased the maximum file size limitation from 20MB to 50MB per file. We also allow you to restrict the file sizes if you do not want accept files this large.

Depending on the end user’s connection speed, it can take awhile to transmit 50MB of data, so we have added a progress indicator for each file being uploaded. This new progress indicator is shown for all Attachment uploads regardless of size.

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Mailchimp Integration

Our friends at Mailchimp run an excellent email marketing and communication service. They provide the functionality to build and manage email lists and design HTML email campaigns. Utilizing our recently introduced Server Post functionality, you can integrate your Formsite form with Mailchimp. This integration gives you the ability to build a form and have it automatically populate your Mailchimp mailing lists. You can then professionally send mass communications to the people who have filled out your form.
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Enhanced Payment Notifications

payment notification

We provide four payment integration(link) options for automatically collecting payment from your users: PayPal Standard, PayPal Payments Pro,, and Google Checkout. We now have the ability to have email Notifications sent either before, or after, payment is successfully collected via these services. Previously, we always sent the Notification before the user was sent to the payment service to collect payment. This resulted in emails being sent for people who ended up not paying. This option is still available, but you now can wait to have it sent after payment has been received. Many of our users want to provide links, information, or instructions to users only after payment has been received. This new feature makes this possible.

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Formsite Powers American Red CrossDonation Overflow

american red cross

Formsite is donating services to process overflow for American Red Cross donations. Our client, PayByWeb, has been officially authorized by the American Red Cross to collect donations for victims of the Haiti earthquake. PayByWeb utilizes our forms with integration to collect these donations. We have seen a very large spike in traffic since Friday evening (1/15) and continue to see increased volume.

Formsite has committed to donating whatever resources are necessary. If you would like to donate, please visit the American Red Cross.

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