Account Alert Emails for Admin Sub-users

Formsite account alert emails example

Formsite account owners receive regular emails about the status of the account and forms. With higher service levels, Sub-users get added to help administer various parts of the account. The Admin Sub-users frequently manage forms and results, plus account level settings like limits and other Sub-users. As a result, Admin Sub-users now receive account alert emails for most account related messages.

Account Alert Emails

Formsite account alert emails Sub-users settings

Examples of emails sent as account alerts include:

  • Approaching or exceeding service level limits (results per form, file space, etc.)
  • Integration failures
  • Authentication renewals

Since Admin Sub-users typically maintain the day-to-day operation of the account, it’s logical to copy them on account related alerts. For example, if an integration setting or account issue causes new results to fail, the system sends an alert. These failures would be authentication issues for the integration or something wrong with the integration settings.

If the registered account owner is a billing person or IT department, it’s common for those departments to not actually administer the forms. The person who pays for the account is not always the same person who manages the forms and results.

Account Limits

Issues with account limits can cause temporary service problems, so Formsite sends alerts when those limits approach their thresholds. The alert emails trigger when the space remaining is 10% and 5% of the total available space, and also when the limit reaches the maximum.

For example, a Pro 3 service level has a File Space limit of 4gb for all files stored in the account, including any files uploaded to form results. Since 10% of 4gb is 400mb, the first alert gets sent when the total File Space exceeds 3.6gb. The next alert sends at 3.8gb and another after reaching the limit.

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