Compare Payment Processors and Choose One for You

Formsite compare payment processors sample

Formsite payment processors allow form owners to collect payments with online forms. The payment integrations allow forms to connect to their account at the payment processor to collect payments. Let’s compare payment processors to see the differences to help decide which one is right for you.

Formsite’s current payment processors are:

Secure Payments with Formsite

All processors have the ability to collect credit card payments and digital wallet (PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay) payments. All payments are PCI compliant as the payment processor collects the card information, never Formsite. Some payment integrations support recurring payments and bank transfers (EFT or ACH). All payment integrations allow for securely collecting payments in other currencies.

Compare Payment Processors

Formsite compare payment processors Authorize net example provides easy payment collection, recurring payments, and team users. Formsite order forms with enabled display the payment form on the Order Summary page. This makes for a seamless payment experience for form users and reduces the number of clicks. provides superior security and anti-fraud features, too. highlights:

  • Recurring payments
  • Multiple users
  • On-form payments
  • Top anti-fraud features

Formsite compare payment processors Stripe example

Stripe gives form owners globally a fast and mobile-friendly payment experience. Formsite order forms with Stripe enabled click the payment button to pay at Stripe. Stripe’s Formsite integration does not support recurring payments, but does allow bank transfers.

Stripe highlights:

  • Easy test mode
  • Mobile first design
  • Bank transfers

Formsite compare payment processors PayPal example

PayPal provides payment services for many systems globally and Formsite’s integrations reflect that. The latest PayPal offerings appear in the PayPal Business integration. The features enabled in the connected PayPal account determine which services get shown, including:

  • Venmo
  • PayPal Credit
  • Pay in 4
  • Global credit cards

Braintree is a version of PayPal that appears with other online merchants and website packages. PayPal Personal and PayPal Pro are older versions of our PayPal integration and still appear to support older accounts. Virtually all new PayPal integrations should use the PayPal Business integration for the latest services.

PayPal highlights:

  • Recurring payments
  • Flexible payment options (Venmo, PayPal Credit, Pay in 4, etc.)
  • Global credit cards
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