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Use Inventory to limit available items

Do you have a need to only offer a fixed number of items? For example, maybe you have an order form and you want to sell your products but you don't want to charge people if you run out. Or maybe you provide a service and you want to allow your visitors to register for specific times, but you want to avoid double-booking the same time. FormSite's Inventory feature does more than manage products. Let Inventory limit the number of items, times, or seats available on your form.

Always show inventory

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Conditional Logic tools and examples for more powerful online forms

Do you want to do different things based on the answer to a form question? If so, you need to use Conditional Logic. Formsite uses conditional logic to show form items, direct visitors to specific Success Pages, and send email Notifications based on the answers to form questions.

Conditional Logic Tools

One of the most common logic tools is the hide/show function in the form Rules page. Here you can display form items if a previous answer matches the rule. For example:

Conditional Logic
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Use Pre-populate links to populate hidden or visible form fields

Pre-populate Formsite formsThe pre-populate function allows you to pass values into your Formsite forms and surveys from anywhere you can place a link. This is useful for connecting your form responses to their sources, like email, social media, and other inbound links. An easy example is adding a link to your survey from an email and automatically capturing the email address.

To set up this example, you would first create your Formsite survey with the questions, multiple pages, ratings items, etc. Next, you want to add a Hidden Field item to the top of your survey where you will pre-populate with the email address. The benefit of this method over simply asking for the email address is that you remove the need for the respondent to choose to take the survey again and increase your likelihood of conversion.

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Use HTTPS for Secure Forms

https formsAs a response to the higher focus on internet security, Formsite has enabled secure form connections (HTTPS) for all forms at all service levels. Previous to this release, only Pro 1 and higher service levels were able to use the secure form link. This new feature expansion now enables Free and Deluxe service level customers the ability to provide secure form links to their form visitors.
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Zapier Connects Your Form With 300+ Apps

ZapierFormsite has added Zapier to its integration list, which allows you to connect your Formsite form with over 300 400 web applications. Using this integration, you can easily create your own web app to automate tasks and use your response data.

Example 1: Build an automated reservation form: Use the integration to connect your Formsite form with Google Calendar to automatically create a calendar event with the form visitor's details.

Example 2: Add a 'tweet this' checkbox to your form and create a Zap to send a post to Twitter when the form is submitted. Use a filter to watch for the checkbox and you've got a smart automated system.

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