Use the Number Scale for NPS Surveys, Likert Scales, and More

Formsite Number Scale

Formsite online form and survey builder lets form owners choose from over 40 item types. These tools make building certain kinds of forms easier, like building order forms, surveys, registration forms, etc. A new survey tool released recently is the Number Scale item that collects a numerical answer within a range.

The Number Scale item appears in the Common Items in the form builder. A common use for the scale is any “from 1-10” question. Questions of this nature go by several different names, like NPS items and Likert scales.

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How To Create Online Activism Forms

Formsite activism form example

Activism forms collect vital information to promote, amplify, and advance your cause. Formsite's activism forms collect basic contact information, plus all the details you need to determine membership level, skill sets, capacity, donation level, and more. Whether you're a local Black Lives Matter group, an environmental and social change organization, or a grassroots social justice group, Formsite's activism forms make it easy to sign up others to engage in rallies, online activism, and other initiatives. Building an activism form with Formsite is easy and takes only a few minutes.

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How To Create An Online Donation Form

Formsite how to create donation form tutorial

Whether you're a nonprofit organization engaged in fundraising efforts or you need a way to process sponsorship applications for your next big event, Formsite makes it easy to create, customize, and embed donation request forms. Our donation form templates allow you to seamlessly collect contact information and payment information from donors, sponsors, patrons, and members.

Our donation request form can be embedded right into your website's donation page, or shared over email or social media for maximum effect and reach. With our straightforward and intuitive drag and drop editor, it will only take a few minutes for you to create the online donation request forms you need.

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Formsite Release Notes and Payment Updates

See Formsite’s newest completed projects as soon as they happen on the new Release Notes page. Our blog adds articles for new features and updates to the software, and this page documents those changes. Find our new Release Notes page from the link at the bottom of our support pages.

An example of our newest updates includes the updates to our payment process and buttons. The new PayPal Business integration provides PayPal’s newest Smart Buttons and makes it easier than ever to collect payments.

Formsite Release Notes
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Venmo payments with PayPal Business and Formsite

Formsite Venmo online payment forms

Formsite’s PayPal Business integration offers form owners the most recent technology by PayPal. The PayPal smart buttons use your account settings and location to offer payment options to your customers. Among these options is the ability to accept Venmo payments.

Venmo lets customers connect a credit card or bank account to their Venmo accounts, then makes it easy to pay with a mobile device. Paying with a connected account costs no extra fees and credit card fees are competitive with other payment processors.

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New Feature: Reorder Choices with Saved Results

Formsite reorder choices

The Formsite development team proudly presents a new feature for form maintenance. We now support editing multi-select form items to reorder choices. That means Radio Buttons, Dropdowns, and Checkboxes allow reordering without affecting the saved results.

For example, consider a Dropdown list with global country names and many saved results. If one of the countries decides to change its name, the list of choices may need changing for alphabetical order.

Before, form owners needed to take care not to change the choices. Now, choices can move and keep their correct result values intact.

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PayPal Integration Updates With New Payment Features

Formsite PayPal integration updates

PayPal and Formsite have made order forms and online payments easy for many years. Recent updates to the PayPal integration make building online order forms easier than ever. With three options to support any PayPal account, Formsite provides the newest ways for collecting secure payments.

The new payment experience lets PayPal account holders collect payments in all new ways like:

  • PayPal and PayPal Credit
  • Venmo, Giropay, iDeal, Sofort and many other alternative payment methods
  • Major credit and debit cards
  • PayPal Credit with Pay Later and Pay in 4
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