Grow Your Business Despite COVID-19 with Online Forms

Formsite business closing options

For businesses affected by Covid-19 and facing the decision to close, consider how online forms can help. Many businesses can make a temporary change to online service or change operations altogether. One of the best ways to grow your business despite Covid-19 may be to shift focus to online tools.

Consider where you find your best customers and what products or services you provide. Then broaden your scope to see how you can continue fulfilling their needs.

Grow Your Business: Some Examples

Examples of companies that chose to change their operations instead of close their doors:

Formsite business closing options restaurant

Restaurants: Packing unmasked people into a dining room and serving exposed plates of food sounds like ancient history now. Some locations have started opening indoor dining rooms with greater space between tables. Other locations are taking advantage of summertime weather and seating outside.

Some restaurants have built online versions of their menus and linked using QR codes to further reduce the risk from sharing menus. Others have gone the extra step and provided ways to place orders on their sites, removing the exposure of tableside servers.

Healthcare Facilities: Possibly the most dangerous place to be, clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals had to figure it out fast. Luckily they’re used to personal protection (masks, gloves, and sanitizer) and are quite essential.

Adding more scheduling constraints and rules for the very sick have helped keep exposure manageable. Relying more on communication than live visits, physicians can work over email or video for many patients.

Education: One especially tricky industry that is approaching fast is education. For students old enough to manage their exposure, remote learning is emerging as a leading solution. Younger students and group activities like events, team practices, and even lunch time still remain problems to solve.

Retail: Businesses accustomed to physical traffic may be the most affected. Business closing options for those who sell products can include making the move to selling online.

Home delivery and curbside service are proving to be acceptable for most people. In-home services and in-store shopping can be safe with the proper distancing and sanitization habits.

How to Stay in Business With Online Forms

Business owners don’t need to be online designers and website programmers. Formsite lets anyone make online forms for businesses to contact their customers.

  • Contact forms: Collect requests and messages from customers and stay in contact wherever you are.
  • Order forms: Take orders for products and services and set up subscriptions and recurring payments.
  • Scheduling: Let customers choose specific dates and times. Use Inventory to keep from over-booking.

Tools and features for easy startup and administration include:

  • Notification emails send one or more messages after every successful submission. Stay notified of every interaction.
  • Styling tools let form owners use their own images, fonts, colors, and any other branding elements that set them apart from the field.
  • Payment integrations allow order forms to collect payments with no limits or extra fees.
  • Integrations to send the results to third-party services like Google Drive, Salesforce, and Dropbox. Make powerful systems that automate data collection and processing.

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